The calendar is where we put all the dates of important events and meetings and such. It works pretty much like any web agenda such as Google Calendar (please do not feed the Google!).

Go to the calendar by selecting the calendar tab:

Now you see the calendar of Code Rood:

  1. Here you can select which part of the agenda you see.
  2. There are several agendas. Open to everyone is the Movement agenda which includes important events and the codeROOD agenda which includes meetings as such. For working groups or projects you can create agendas and share them with whomever you want.

Tweaking appearance

You can change the color of an agenda by clicking the three dots, select edit and then click a new color:

Importing this in your own digital calendar

It is definitely possible to sync the Code Rood agendas in the NextCloud with your own agendas. You can either import your digital agenda into the NextCloud or you can import the Code Rood agenda in to whatever /app/program/service you are using now.

Unfortunately, I do not use a digital agenda so I can’t write this

TODO: write this part.

Making a new event

To create a new event and share it with your comrades simply:

  1. Click on the date on which you want the event to happen
  2. Give it a name
  3. Assign it to one of the agendas you have writing rights to. In this case I’m adding it to my personal agenda which is shared with no one so no one will come to this important event.