Circles for Owners and Admins

This page is for those who want to learn more about creating circles, and managing them. For the introduction/normal user experience, see this page.

On this page:

Creating a new circle

Let’s say you are working on a new project or action, or perhaps you have founded a new local chapter of Code Rood. Now you want to easily share files, for example the minutes of meetings, plans or other documents.

In the top left corner of the screen you see a text box with “Create a new circle”. Select it and type the name of the circle.

Once you start typing the following the option to select the circle type and the button to create the circle appear:

Select a circle type:

There are four types of circles:
  1. A personal circle is a list of users known only to the owner. This is the right option if you want to do recurrent sharing with the same list of local users.
  2. A public circle is an open group visible to anyone willing to join. Anyone can see, join, and access the items shared within the circle.
  3. Joining a closed circle requires an invitation or confirmation by a moderator. Anyone can find and request an invitation to the circle; but only members will see who\’s in it and get access to it\’s shared items.
  4. A secret circle is an hidden group that can only be seen by its members or by people knowing the exact name of the circle. Non-members won’t be able to find your secret circle using the search bar.

Once you have selected a circle type it will show a brief explanation of the different circle types. Chose the one that is appropriate to you and click “Creation”.

The circle you created is now detailed:


  1. You see that the circle you created has been selected
  2. You see three buttons, from left to right: to invite a user to join this circle, to delete the circle, and to change the settings such as the name!

Managing users in your circle

Accepting people who want to join your circle

If you manage a closed circle people can request to join the circle. If you have sufficient rights you can either accept their request and let them join, or deny them. To do this, click the status of the user who wants to join in the status column:

Removing users from the circle

If you have sufficient rights you can remove users from the circle. To do this you click the status of the member in the status column:

Giving users more or less rights

If you have sufficient rights you can change the rights/level of other users in a circle. To do this you click the level of the user in the level column: