This page is an introduction. If you are looking to create your own circle, or manage your own circle. See this page.

A circle is a group of people. Every working group has a circle. If you want to share things with the people in your working group, rather than to share it individually with all members of the working group, you simply share it with the circle of the working group. People who join the circle later will have access to those files, and people who are removed from the circle lose access.

There are four types of circles:

  • A personal circle is a list of users known only to the owner. This is the right option if you want to do recurrent sharing with the same list of local users.
  • A public circle is an open group visible to anyone willing to join. Anyone can see, join, and access the items shared within the circle.
  • Joining a closed circle requires an invitation or confirmation by a moderator. Anyone can find and request an invitation to the circle; but only members will see who\’s in it and get access to it\’s shared items.
  • A secret circle is an hidden group that can only be seen by its members or by people knowing the exact name of the circle. Non-members won’t be able to find your secret circle using the search bar.

On this page:

Circles overview tab

Select the circles tab

Now you see the following:

  1. Here you can create a new circle, see this page for details on that.
  2. Here you can filter on the type of circles that are shown in 3. Currently all types of circles are shown to the right in 3 because that option is selected.
  3. The circles that already exists are shown here.

If I select one of the circles in the overview of 3 you will see who is in the circle:

  1. You can see I have selected the tech circle
  2. I can leave the circle by pressing that button
  3. Everyone who is in this circle.

Joining circles

Joining is different based on the type of circle that you want to join:

  • Personal, you can not join other people’s personal circle.
  • Public, see below
  • Closed, see below
  • Secret, you can only be invited to secret circles.

To join a public or closed circle you select the circle (1) and press the “Join circle” button (2):

If it is a public circle you will immediately be part of the circle. If it is a closed circle the owner/administrator first need to accept your request. So you will have to wait until they do that.

Accepting an invitation to join a circle

If you are invited to a circle you will not receive a notice. Instead you select the circle like above, but instead of the “Join circle” button you will see the text “Pending invitation to join this circle”.

Click the to either accept or decline the invite: