Configure Deletion of Old Messages

We delete old messages on the server for safety reasons. The reasons are:

  1. If the server is compromised, through an informant, a hack, negligence or otherwise, only the messages that are not deleted are compromised.
  2. People who join later can only read back the undeleted messages.

Currently all messages, in public channels, private groups and direct messages are deleted after 60 days.

You can read’s documentation on this here.

Override global settings for you channel or group

If your channel is 100% about legal stuff, or if you are planning more subversive things, you can override the global settings for a channel/group to make it longer or shorter respectively.

Be careful! You can delete all messages if you enter wrong settings! If you are unsure if you should be doing this, please just ask someone else to take a look at it 🙂

Click on the Room Info button on the top right part of your screen after you have selected the channel/group you want to configure.

Then click on the edit button

Scroll down. Click the down arrow to override default behavior. In this case we are going to enable deletion of messages so we click “Enabled”.

Then flip the switch to Override global retention policy.

After you have done this you can scroll down (this might not be obvious). You can then set your own settings, for example here we set it to 60 days.

Then press the blue “Save” button and you are done!