Folder Structure on the Cloud

It is generally hard to enforce a folder structure on the Cloud, mainly because when something it is shared (for example through the circle of your working group) it is shown in the file listing on the ‘home page’ of .

If you are in the COPLA you have access to all working group files, and some other stuff. There are a couple of folders with “00 ” so that when you sort on file name these show up on top (after those you favorited of course).

  • 00 General This folder is for ALL cloud users! Anyone with an account can access files in this folder (and don’t forget, anyone can create an account)
  • 00 Acties & Events This folder contains folders for actions and events
  • 00 Copla This folder is for things specifically for the COPLA, e.g., minutes or proposals, that do not belong to a single working group.
  • 00 Werkgroepen This folder contains the folders of the working groups, which are separately shared with the circles of the respective working groups.