How to add translations

Adding translations for posts and events work in the same manner.

First you need to publish an event/post. Only after an event/post is published you can add the translation. To learn how to create an event (and all the details you need to fill in) see this page, on how to create a post see this page.

Once you have published the event, edit it to add a translation.

During editing of the event you can see in the sidebar the language box:

  1. Here you can select the language of this document. This determines on which version of the site the event is added (English articles are shown only on the English site etc). Make sure it is set correctly with the language of the article itself. This might be obvious but if you write a Dutch article and forget to set the language of the event correctly it might show on the English website.
  2. Translation priority. Ignore this.
  3. Here you can add translations. Translations are articles linked to the current one in a different language. This is the option we want. Leave the checkboxes marked. For events it will automagically copy the data and location.

To add a Dutch translation to this English page you click the “+” after “Dutch”:

Press the “+” to add a Dutch translation.

You then need to fill in the title, and text. Other stuff such as the featured image should be set if you had set it in the original article. Do not forget to publish the article after you have entered the translated texts.

Updating existing translations

Note that if an event/post already has a translation the language box looks slightly different. For example below you see a Dutch article, for which an English article already exists. You can press the 🔄 after “English” to go and edit/update the English translation.

More info/help needed?

We use the WMPL plugin, so you can check the official documentation as well. You can also ask on the #tech-public channel.