How To Create Events on the Website

Publishing events is a joy on the Code Rood website! If you set everything correctly they will automagically show up in the overview on the website, for the right language (Dutch or English) and disappear when they have passed.

Events show up, sorted on date, in the right column on the homepage and on the events page (reachable through the menu).

To create an event you have to be logged in with the correct permissions. Then at A (which is visible from anywhere once you are logged in) you click on the “+ New” and then select “Event”. The other option is B, through the admin panel, click on “Events” and then “Add new”.

Then there are several important steps:

A: The title of the event.

B: The language of the event. This is important. Do not forget to check this. This determines if the event will show up on the English or on the Dutch version of the website. Set it correctly. Once it has been published you can link translations from here as well (more on that later).

C: The description of the event.

D: The time and date. Again an important setting. This will determine how long the event will remain on the website and it will also inform the visitor of when the actual event is.

There is more to set when you scroll down:

E: The location. You might need to create a location, but if it was created before you can search for the correct venue. Again, you do not have to list this in the description.

F: Category. We do not really do much with these (YET!!). But if you can be bothered to set it correctly please do.

G: Featured image! Very important. Every event on the website should have a featured image. If you don’t have one, simply select one that is vaguely related from the vast media library. This really brings to the site to live.

Adding a translation to a post

Once you have published the event you can add a translation. See this page to learn how that works.