How To Enable 2FA For the Cloud

2 Factor Authentication (2FA in short) is a way to increase the security. Passwords can be bad and easily guessed, hacked, leaked or otherwise become compromised. This is why it is important to not rely solely on your password but also on an additional thing (factor).

You might know 2FA for your bank or DIGID log in, where you receive a text code through text message before you can log in. We’re working on that but for now it can only work if you have a smartphone.

1. Install on your smartphone “Free OTP Authentication”.

  • Android: Available through the Play store or better yet, F-droid!
  • For the IOS device through the Apple store here.

2. In the cloud, in the upper right corner of your screen press your name thingy and go to settings.

3. Select the security tab (A) and enable TOTP (B)

4. On your smartphone in the FreeOTP app press in the top bar the QR code and scan the QR code that is displayed in the browser

5. Test the app, and then backup the recovery codes (not in your password manager, print them out or something!)

6. Proceed with overthrowing capitalism