Intro to the Cloud

The cloud can be reached at the address Among other things the Cloud is used for:

  • File sharing and collaborative editing
  • The agenda

Read this page first, but afterwards, there is also this page with some tips & tricks.

Gaining access

You can register a new account by clicking the big “Register” button on the log in page ( You can then log in with your newly created account.

What’s all these things?

Once logged in you see them home screen:

  1. Important buttons/menu items. This works like a tab menu. You can see that currently the file icon is selected.
  2. Here you have to the left a search field and to the right your user icon from which you can go to your settings and such
  3. The currently selected screen is files so here you see the files that you have permission to view. Note, “00 General” is the folder that everyone has access to, if you want to share something with everyone put it in there. Also note that you might have different files/folder showing.

Menu items

The cloud is used for file sharing and the agenda.


This is the screen you can use to browse all the files you have access to. Any folders that are shared with you (reading and/or writing permissions) will be shown here. Things can be shared with your account in the following ways:

  1. It is shared with everyone
  2. It is shared with directly you
  3. It is shared with a circle you are a member of (see next topic below)
  4. It is shared with the group “General”. ALL users on the cloud are in the group General.

Alternatively, you can be send a direct share link in which case you do not even need an account.

See this page on how exactly all this sharing works.

How to name minutes

Would be super sweet if we can start the names of minutes with the date like YYYY-MM-DD. For example “2020-05-01 name” for minutes taken on some meeting on the 1st of May in 2020. If we all do this, then we can sort the minutes by their name and it will also sort on date!


Circles is the method to share items easily with you working group.

A circle is a group of people. Every working group has a circle. If you want to share things with the people in your working group, rather than to share it individually with all members of the working group, you simply share it with the circle of the working group. People who join the circle later will have access to those files.

People can also create their own circles.

If you are new to the cloud, find the circle of the working group you are in and request membership. Perhaps send the coordinator of the working group a message on chat that you did this, so they are notified and know they have to accept your request to join to the circle.

See this page to learn all more circles, and how you join them.


The calendar is where we put all the dates of important events and meetings and such. It works pretty much like any web agenda such as Google Calendar (please do not feed the Google!).

There are three agendas:

  • Your personal agenda
  • The Code Rood agenda. If you organize an event, please put it in this agenda!
  • The Movement agenda. This is for events of the other organizations. Very handy to learn when to plan (or not plan) our events, see what events other organizations are organizing that we should go to or mobilize for.

See this page to learn more about the calendar.

It is even possible to sync this calendar with your phone/other calendar apps. Contact Tulband if you want to write the wiki entry on that!