Sharing on the Cloud

You can share files and folders internally with people who are on the Cloud by sharing it with them directly or through a group/circle they are a member of.

You can also share files/folders with people who do not have accounts.

Note: Normally you will want to create the file in the correct folder. For example, a file that is to be shared with everyone can be created in the folder “00 General” so that everyone has access to it, and you will not need to share it again. An other example is a file for a working group. It should be created in the folder of that working group which is already shared with the working groups circle.

Overview of files

First, go to the files menu to see an overview of the files you have access to.

Below is a small piece of the file and directory listing.

It shows three folders: “Webpage elements”, “Testfolder” and “ShellMustFall”. Depending on where you click different things might happen so below is an annotated image.

  1. In pink. If you want to move download or delete multiple folders/files at the same time you can do so by ticking the boxes of the folders/files you want to move/delete.
  2. In green. The name of the folders/files. If you click here you will open these. You can also see here that “Testfolder” does no have that “shared” icon. It is not not shared with anyone.
  3. In blue. The share status. Clicking here will let you share this folder or file.
  4. In yellow. Clicking here will allow you to move, rename, download or delete the folder or file.
  5. In light blue. This shows when this folder/file was last edited. Clicking here results in the same menu as the other blue column. So to share you can also click here!

Sharing a file

So to share a file or folder click on either the blue or light blue part of the row.

To share “Testfolder” you can press in the blue or light blue areas.

Then you will see the following menu:

  1. Create an internal link to give to people with an account on the cloud. If the file is already shared (the access rights have been set correctly, see 2. below) then you can press this button to get the URL to give to people who already have an account on the cloud. The effect is as if you pressed ctrl+c (or cmd+c) or right click “copy” on the URL. To us it press ctrl+v or right click paste. This does not actually do any sharing! This URL only points to the file. If you send this URL to someone without first sharing the file/setting read permissions, then that person will get a message that they do not have correct permissions to access the file.
  2. In this bar you can type names of circles/peoples you want to give access to the folder/file. You can type here to search for people or circles (see images below under “Sharing Internally”), after you have selected whom you want to give access can select the correct permissions (read only or write etc). To link to this file use an internal link (see 1.).
  3. This + button can be used to share this file/folder with external parties. You will create a link that you can send to those who do not have an account on the cloud.

Sharing Internally

Lets share the folder internally with a Tech circle. This means that everyone in the tech circle has access to this folder.

Note: if you create a file in a folder that is already correctly shared, you do not need to share the newly created file again. People who have access to the folder have access to the file as well.

After we have shared the folder we want to check the permissions. For example if we do not want the people in the Tech circle to delete the file, we will have to uncheck the “Can delete” box. As you can see you can also unshare the Tech circle here.

Once you have shared the file or folder point to it by creating an Internal Share link

Sharing Externally

If you want to share the folder/file with someone that does not have a Cloud account you can create a share link. You can send this link to anyone and they don’t even need to log in!

As you can see you can create a “Read Only” link which allows people to read or download the files in this folder.

A cool feature is the “File drop” if you only want people to submit their files and not see what is in the folder (great if you want people to send you some stuff!).

Select file drop if you want people to upload something for/to you!

You can even create more share links, one for reading and one for uploading. And even password protect them. To get the actual link click “Copy link” button of the correct share link!