So you want to protect the climate and make Shell fall. You are at the right place. Here you can read how Code Rood is organized and other things that can be important for new people!

Communicating – Chat

We use our server all our communication. You’ll find it here: It works like Slack in case you are familiar with that. If not, here you can read some articles on how it works. There are apps available to install on your laptop or smartphone as well!

You can create an account and introduce yourself in the #general channel!

Consider the following good practices:

  1. By default you are only added to the general channel and some others. Find the public channel of your working group and join it to receive updates of your favorite working groups.
  2. Avoid sending direct messages to individuals but use the channels as much as possible — so that others in a working group can also follow and respond.

File sharing/collaborative editing – Cloud

For file sharing and collaborative editing, we use a NextCloud, which can be found here: You can create an account but it needs to be verified by an admin (you can ask around on the chat server for that, use the #tech-public channel).

After you’ve been verified, you can read documents and create them yourself and share them with specific people, groups or circles. To learn more about sharing documents, check this page (TO DO!)


We have a digital agenda in the NextCloud as well. This way everyone can see when all the meetings are taking place.

  • Put meetings that are relevant to Code Rood (working group meetings, discussions etc) in the “codeROOD agenda”.
  • Put meetings of the broader climate movement in the “Movement agenda”.

Optional: sync these agendas with your personal digital calendar.


Circles are a way to share documents with a certain group of people. It’s basically a preset sharing group. Go to the circles tab and join the circles of the working groups you want to contribute to. To learn more about the use of circles and all other features of our cloud service, check this page.

Reimbursements & travel costs

If you bought something for Code Rood you can mail the receipt to to get your money back. You can also contact the finance working group in #finances-public channel.

The PGP key for



There is also money available for people who are short on cash and have traveled for Code Rood to meetings or other events! Do not feel bad or ashamed to make use of this possibility (we have learned that very few people do this). Again you should mail with the details (what purpose, which working group and how much).

Security culture

Please think about what you put on chat and the cloud. Don’t put plans that are supposed to stay secret online. Public channels are just that: public. Private channels are more private and probably safer than email but still not the place to keep sensitive information on a need to know basis.

Internal organization – COPLA

Code Rood is organized in working groups which come together to have meetings in what is called the coordinating platform (COPLA). You can read how that is supposed to work in Dutch here and in English here.

Do not burn out – Support & Recovery

Action is both necessary and good, but they can also involve stressful experiences. When we enter an action, we purposefully put ourselves in a possibly vulnerable position. The emotions can run high in different ways. There is often adrenaline involved with civil disobedience; (a form of) violence or intimidation can be used against you or your comrades. This can have an impact on you. Sometimes you notice it right away, sometimes not until you’re back from the action environment.

If you only later notice you experience negative effects from the action, or if you have questions, or you just want to contact the support & recovery team: or +31682604069

Safer Space Policy

TODO: intro to safer space policy and link to the policy.

The values of Showing Up For Racial Justice is also good to read.

When you are approached by cops/AIVD

Unfortunately the cops and intelligence services are seeking to undermine our climate protection efforts. They are looking for informants and can be quite intimidating. It is important to be open about this. Here are some tips:

1. Do not enter conversation or stop contact

Unfortunately these approaches by the police or the AIVD (the Dutch NSA) are legal in the Netherlands they occur frequently. We advice everybody to not talk to them and immediately end the conversation once you know why they approached you.

If you agreed to their offers or agreed to work with them. Stop it. It is your right to quit the conversation and refuse contact with them. This does not have legal consequences. The more you talk the more they can pressure you to continue what you are doing. And they are not nice about this either.

2. Talk about it. Be open

Have they (ever) contacted you? Or did you have a conversation with them? Ask for help. For example at Buro Jansen & Janssen. They are the watchdog of the intelligence services. They can keep your identity anonymous if you want to.

Also talk to your fellow activists! It is nothing to be ashamed and can happen to anybody. Because it can be a very intimidating experience we should help everyone who was put in such a situation.

3. Do not become paranoid

We also want to warn you for to not be become paranoid. Yes, sometimes we have to hide something. Especially when we plan civil disobedient actions. However, to be come much to secretive or distrust new people will only stop us from achieving our goal. That is exactly what the AIVD wants. We want to grow!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Things we don’t do

Don’t post anything about sabotage, destruction, or violence towards people on chat or the cloud.