Why two-factor Authentication (2FA)?

A password alone is not sufficient to protect sensitive data.

Your password can be compromised in the following ways:

  • A hacker hacks your password. This can be done by trying all possible combinations. Another way is to use a list of commonly used passwords (and there are plenty available a simple duckduckgo search will show you).
  • Your password is leaked. Very frequently some website that has your password fails to properly secure themselves. Check this website to see if some account with your email address has been leaked this way (and is now freely available on the internet):
  • Your computer is hacked and a key logger of some sort is installed (not much will help you in this case).

It helps to have a good password manager. This also saves you from having to remember a lot poor passwords. Seriously, free yourself up and start using a password manager now! However, one of the most reliable ways is to have two ways in which to authenticate/log in. First your password is needed and then a second step asks for more authentication.

You might actually know these steps from interacting with your bank online, or with the government through digid or something. It is possible to have the second factor be a text message with a code that is send to you. Luckily there is a really good smartphone app available as well: “Free OTP Authentication”

  • Android: Available through the Play store or better yet, F-droid!
  • For the IOS device through the Apple store here.

Using 2FA will mean that even if your password is compromised your account and data remains safe.

If you have the time follow this online course (you can create an account for free). It is seriously good, with fun stuff in between and you will learn all about password managers and 2FA. I can not recommend it enough.