This wiki entry documents how we get things done. If you read it well, and we are all on the same page, then it won’t happen that things get lost or forgotten!

What to do when …

… you have planned an event

Put the event in the internal calendar on the cloud

Set the name, time, date, location and perhaps a brief summary (or link to more information) in the internal calendar on the Cloud.

Make sure the event is on the Code Rood website

Ask the people in the #website Rocket Chat channel to put the event on the website, give them the text + picture.

Make sure a Facebook event is created

Ask the people in the #social-media-public Rocket Chat channel to put the event online, give them the text + picture.

Let Rocket Chat know

Additionally, you can promote the event in more Rocket Chat channels. For example, #general and/or the channels of the relevant working groups.

Promote via the Telegram channel

Optionally, you can promote the event on Telegram. See here on how you can get something on the Telegram channel.

TODO: detail how to get things on the Telegram channel

… you joined a working group

New people can read through this wiki entry to get a global overview of how Code Rood operates.

Contact coordinator/onboarder

The coordinator or onboarder should know you want to join. They can show you the ropes, make sure you won’t miss any meetings, add you to the proper Rocket Chat channels and give you the right access on the cloud.

Get access to circle cloud

Every working group has their own circle, make sure you’re accepted in the circle so you can read minutes, proposals and have access to the files of the working group.

Get access to private group chat

Most working groups have two channels, one public for everyone who is interested in joining/learning about the working group, and a private one for discussions etc among the working group. Make sure you’re in both (for the private one you need to be added).

.. you planned a meeting

Reserve the Zoom channel/room if it is an online meeting

Put the event in the “Zoom channel reservation” agenda on the cloud.

Put the meeting in the internal calendar on the Cloud

Make the agenda available, when you have it, in the right folder on the cloud.

Notify Rocket Chat

Notify public channel and private group of the time & location, agenda.

… you had a meeting

Summarize on Rocket Chat

Write a short summary or highlight to the public channel & private group, tag people with action points.

Make sure the minutes are available on the Cloud

Make sure the minutes of the meeting are available on the Cloud. Update the working groups planning doc and/or task board.

… you want to flyer somewhere?

Get the materials you need

Use the #promo Rocket Chat channel to get into contact with the people who can send you flyers and other materials.