New working group checklist

So you’ve started a new working group. Let’s say your working group has the name NEW-WORKING-GROUP-NAME. To make our lives easier you can do these things:

Do these things on the Cloud

  1. Get access to the COPLA circle. This grants you access to the important folders.
  2. Create a circle for your working group called NEW-WORKING-GROUP-NAME. Inivite the people in the working group to this circle.
  3. Create a folder called NEW-WORKING-GROUP-NAME in the folder “00 Werkgroepen” and share it with the circle for your working group. This folder should be used to share minutes, agenda’s, and the documents you’re working on.

Do these things on Rocket Chat

  1. Create the public channel called NEW-WORKING-GROUP-NAME-public. This public channel can be used for other people to ask questions to your working group and you can use it to announce meetings etc.
  2. Create, if necessary, the private channel. This can just be called NEW-WORKING-GROUP-NAME.
  3. Add you’re working group members to both channels


  • When you’re planning meetings and making agenda’s, be sure to follow these workflows.